Minfro Math

Minfro Math is a philosophy, a way of looking at and understanding the numbers and processes of arithmetic. It's halmarks are:

1. A logical development, as Euclid did for geometry, but which has not been done in arithmetic. This development consists of

  • undefined terms - terms to be accepted as intuitive, without definition
  • definitions - terms and expressions, to be formally defined
  • axioms - statements to be accepted as true, without proof
  • propositions - statements to be proven logically on the basis of the undefined terms, definitions and axioms.

2. The introduction of numbers and processes using words, not symbols.

3. The concept of the numbers of arithmetic as intangible objects, not as symbols. Among other things, this helps clarify the difference between an operator, such as "one half of," which is a sign that a process has been carried out, and a fraction, such as the number, "one-half".